Jay Swaminathan | Operations, Technology and Innovation Management
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Meet Jay

Making the world a better place

drop cap or the last 15 years, Jay Swaminathan has researched and consulted with leading multinational firms to help them leverage global opportunities. His work focuses on developing globally competitive strategies for operations, technology, sustainability, innovation and supply chain management. His recently published book, "Indian Economic Superpower: Fiction or Future," analyzes India’s emerging economy and features works by some of the best minds in business. But Jay’s work is not limited to business—he contributes to humanitarian projects as well. His work with UNICEF on supply chain management, for example, will help provide timely nourishment for thousands of impoverished children in Africa.

Jay brings his excitement, his commitment, and his humanity to the classroom, which, in his opinion, is not limited to a room. Jay believes that physical or virtual travel is integral to his students' development both as successful business leaders and as human beings. In some classes, such as in the global immersion electives, he physically takes his students across the globe. They learn from seeing the world: not by reading about the experiences of other people, but by having their own. In other classes, Jay brings experts from across around world into his classroom virtually, so students can learn from the wisdom of other global thinkers.

Jay's passion is apparent when he talks about his work with humanitarian organizations and with his students. Few people light up the way he does when he talks about his work. For Jay, his work is more than a job—it is a cause.


Unraveling the Complexities of a UNICEF Relief Effort

Jay's expertise improves the delivery of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF) to nutrionally impoverished children in the Horn of Africa. Roll over the map to see how the supply-chain works for Plumpy'Nut, a high protein, high energy peanut-based paste that is used to treat severe malnutrition.