Jack Kasarda | Strategy and Entrepreneurship
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Meet Jack

Building airport economies and communities

drop cap ack Kasarda not only coined the term "aerotropolis," he was one of the first to recognize the importance of airport design for business competitiveness and urban development. His work has redefined the role of airports for commerce, industry and urban growth.

Previously, haphazard commercial and residential development around airports often led to economic inefficiency as well as social and environmental problems. Jack's aerotropolis brings smart design to airports and their surrounding areas. He envisions a more sustainable approach to the airport area, with easy train access and commercial clusters rather than strip development, ample green space and mixed-use accommodation for aerotropolis workers, residents and frequent travelers. This won't just improve airports and their environs in the United States; Jack has worked with numerous airports around the globe and co-founded the Kenan Institute Asia in Bangkok.

The airport cities of the future will foster substantial business development as well as community on a human level—more town than sprawl. This could not happen without the cooperation of airport planners, urban planners, designers and developers. This could not happen without the work of Jack Kasarda.


Jack Kasarda: Six Million Frequent Flyer Miles

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