Anil Shivdasani | Finance
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Meet Anil

Real solutions to real world problems

drop cap nil Shivdasani, who recently returned from working on Wall Street as a managing director in the investment banking division of Citigroup Global Markets, remains active in the financial sector while bringing equal energy and passion to the classroom. During his 2002 stint on Wall Street, Anil worked on IBM’s acquisition of PwC Consulting, a transaction that won the Investment Dealer Digest Award for Best Technology Deal of the Year.

Anil has also advised leading companies across the globe on strategic financial issues and has published finance articles in leading newspapers and academic journals. His ability to apply the theoretical concepts he teaches to real world problems is part of his success as businessman, teacher and researcher.

A natural teacher, Anil's students make him question his own beliefs and practices. In turn, Anil helps them discover and refine their passions. When his students succeed, says Anil, he succeeds.

Always trying to better understand the complexities of the world, Anil is not just a teacher, a researcher or a businessman. “At heart,” he says, “I still think of myself as a student."


Inside the Mind of Anil Shivdasani

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