Al Segars | Strategy and Entrepreneurship
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Meet Al

Using sustainable practices to improve business and community

drop cap l Segars is not your typical research professor. While his classmates went to college or entered the workforce directly out of high school, Al traveled the country as a minor league baseball player, seeing new towns and new opponents each day. Maybe those years on the field are where Al learned to live under pressure—traits he employs today as a consultant for organizations such as Disney, Ingersoll Rand, Duke Energy, Apple and the Department of the Navy. This tenacity and adaptability are traits he cultivates in his students.

The same passion Al feels for baseball is infused in all parts of his life. His love of the natural world, for example, doesn't just extend to observing it. As well as spending his free time kayaking North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia rivers, Al supports the resources that fuel the things he loves to do. A few years ago, Al, who serves as director of the Center For Sustainable Enterprise, met Kelly McCoy, the founder of RiverGirl Fishing Company, an outdoor shop located along the New River in tiny Todd, NC. Impressed with Kelly's commitment to sustainability, Al became part of RiverGirl and of Todd. RiverGirl—with its few employees, small fleet of kayaks, lawn-mowing goats and the resident potbellied pig, Petunia—doesn't just help keep the river clean by hosting monthly river clean-ups, it also brings much needed traffic to support other local businesses.

This is who Al is—a man who doesn't just love the world, but who works for it. bullet

Reducing Bank of America's Carbon Footprint

Al was lead researcher on a project that determined Bank of America's carbon footprint and suggested ways to reduce it while minimizing the company's financial loss. Roll over to see the detailed breakdown.